Bullet Journal

It should be handmade and individual. The trend topics “Bullet Journal” and “Handlettering” will be presented on social media platforms and instructions on artistically drawn typefaces will be more present than ever in brick-and-mortar stores. The most important tools are creativity, paper and bright colors. With the Pentel creative products, many techniques can be covered and ideas implemented.

A popular handlettering tool is the Pentel Brush Sign Pen. With the felt-tip pen fine, filigree up and down strokes succeed, which are accentuated with one of the 12 writing colors.

Brushlettering artworks promise a far more dynamic typeface, as they use brush pens such as the Pentel Color Brush, which create subtle upstrokes and lush downstrokes. Creative tip: use a brush on textured paper! The broken lines create liveliness.
Also effective for Bullet Journals are the Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Glitter Pens. So every important entry with a touch of glitter gets a personal icing on the cake. The highlight: the glitter particles sparkle in the respective writing color for an incomparably radiant effect on the paper.