To write you need the right writing instrument. It should offer writing comfort, it should write gently, strong colors should have it – that is what our Pentel Energel products bring together. The selection of our mechanical pencils is diverse. This is not least due to the tradition of the Japanese company, because there the fine-writing mechanical pencil is the most important writing instrument. If you like something a little bit fancier, you will also find pens with bright colors, glittering ink or metallic colors.

Painting & drawing

They are inspiring, colorful and the tool for the brilliant idea: Pentel Arts products. Those who are creative with enthusiasm and enthusiasm can choose from their large range of hobby and artist products their favorite product. All products are of outstanding quality achieved through the use of high quality materials and brilliant colors.

Mark & Label

With a marker from Pentel you decide on a reliable quality product. Whether in the office, in the workshop or in the private household: working with tools that do not work as desired, is annoying and time-consuming. Many markers advertise with extra-long writing lengths – but what good does it do if the tip is already over on a rough surface after being used? Rely on well thought-out products with durable tips and helpful features.