Mechanical Pencils & Mines

The choice of Pentel mechanical pencils is manifold. From simple everyday helpers to trendy and innovative developments where the mine can not break anymore, everything is in the portfolio. This is not least due to the tradition of the Japanese company, because there the fine-writing mechanical pencil is the most important writing instrument. You will find useful information on line weights, degrees of hardness and other topics around the mechanical pencil here.

Pencil hardness

What is the hardness of pencils?

The Pentel range offers a selection of mechanical mechanical pencils that are filled with fine mines. Depending on the desired application, you can choose from several degrees of hardness. The degree of hardness is defined by the mixing ratio of the main components clay and graphite. The more graphite used, the blacker and softer the fine mine.

Fineline Index

Quick and easy to find the right Feinmine

Sometimes it is not that easy to find the right refill for a mechanical pencil. This will no longer be a problem with our Refill Mining Index!

The anti-mine break system simply explained

Why do not pentel fine mines break?

How can it be that even the finest 0.2 mm fine mines from Pentel will not break under load? This is possible thanks to Pentel’s ingenious anti-mine-break system. The Orenz mechanical pencil is equipped with this sophisticated technology and therefore unique in the writing instrument market. Thanks to the sliding back and fully lowered mine guide, the fine mine is always protected by the mine guide tube. This innovative technology ensures that even ultra-fine 0.2mm fine mines withstand the pressure of writing and will not break. By automatically sliding back lead just click and it can be written without stopping non-stop without Nachklickklick.

In addition, Pentel relies on the strongest fine mine in the world. The AinStein fine mines are extremely unbreakable and extra stable due to the ceramic honeycomb structure. With this technology, Pentel is the first manufacturer on the market that offers 0.2 mm mechanical pencils & fine mines.