Art Supplies

They are inspiring, colorful and the tool for the bright idea: Pentel Arts products. All who are creative with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, can choose from the wide range
for hobby and artist products choose their favorite product. All products convince with an outstanding quality through the use of high quality materials
and brilliant colors is achieved.

How do I find the right paper?

Watercolor Painting:
A very important part of the watercolor painting is the sketchbook. Care should be taken to use a well-glued drawing pad. Here, the edges of the individual sheets are glued together. Ideally, the gluing is done on both sides, but it is best if all 4 sides are glued. Thanks to the gluing, the paper does not curl when painting. There are 3 types of paper:

Hot-pressed paper:
Hot-pressed paper is a fine-grained paper that has a very smooth, flat surface. This paper is particularly suitable if a uniform application of paint is desired.

Cold-pressed paper:
Cold-pressed paper has a very coarse texture and is available in two varieties: “medium grain” has a rough and “coarse grain” an extra rough surface.

For the first painting attempts we recommend to use a rough or extra rough paper. The color gradient is easier to control initially on rough paper than on smooth. Furthermore, pay attention to the paper thickness. Drawing papers from 250 gr to 300 g paper thickness on the square meter are very well suited. These are very frugal and allow many drawing techniques. Whether wet-in-wet or dry painting styles, the result on these papers is always very good. A small overview of which paper is particularly well suited for which purpose:

Fine grain 185-640 g / m²
has a smooth surface
the paint dries slowly

Medium grain 185-300 g / m²
has a smooth surface
applied paint dries quickly

Medium grain 640 g / m²
is very suitable for heavy use
light structure on the surface
applied paint dries slowly

Coarse grain 185-300 g / m²
rough, grainy surface
applied paint dries quickly

Coarse grain 640 g / m²
rough, grainy surface for heavy use
applied paint dries slowly