Marker Worlds

With a marker from Pentel you decide on a reliable quality product. Whether in the office, in the workshop or in the private household: working with tools that do not work as desired, is annoying and time-consuming. Many markers advertise with extra-long writing lengths – but what good does it do if the tip is already over on a rough surface after being used? Rely on well thought-out products with durable tips and helpful features.

Permanent vs. non-permanent

What is the difference between permanent and non-permanent markers?

PERMANENT is waterproof, therefore ideal for long-lasting lettering.
NON-PERMANENT is water-soluble – so it can be wiped off. Both pen types are versatile.

Marker Application Overview

Which marker is suitable for which surfaces?

Sometimes it is not that easy to find the right marker for your project. With our marker application overview you are on the safe side: We show you at a glance which marker is best for which surface!