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Pentel Watercolour Pencils – water-soluble crayons for watercolor effects

After the colors of the water-soluble Pentel Watercolor Pencils have been applied, they can be easily dissolved with water, which creates great watercolor effects. Perfect results and color transitions can be achieved in conjunction with the water tank brush Pentel Aquash Brush. But also all other brushes can be used. The water-soluble pencils from the Pentel Arts range are characterized by a particularly break-resistant mine and a soft application of paint. They are CE certified, made from FSC certified wood and available in a set of 12 or 24 vibrant colors.

Creative Tips

  • applied on watercolor paper can achieve the best results
  • Combined with the Aquash Brush Water Tank Brush by Pentel great watercolor effects can be created

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Water-soluble crayons by Pentel make it easy to create watercolor effects on paper or in the coloring book

Brilliant in combination with the water tank brush: the characteristic colored pencil strokes are veneered and color gradients can be created

Simply paint the motif with the crayons and then dissolve with water – creating great effects that are reminiscent of water colors