Pentel Aquash Brush

Artikel-Nr.: FRH

Simply ingenious: the original Pentel Aquash Brush water tank brush

Universally applicable

The water tank brush Aquash Brush from the Pentel Arts assortment is a brush pen with refillable water tank. Simply unscrew, fill with tap water and paint! The water tank brush is ideal for all wet-on-wet techniques, work with water colors, watercolor painting and, of course, to colorize in addition to all water-soluble colors. The water tank brush is also the perfect complement to the trend theme of hand-lettering – blending water-soluble inks creates great color gradients or places shadows behind the writing. Thanks to the variable application possibilities, it is suitable for beginners and pupils as well as for advanced (hobby) artists.

Creative Tips

  • applied on watercolor paper can achieve the best results
  • Einfach Wasserfarbe oder Farbstofftinte in den Tank einfüllen und mit dem Pinsel auftragen – so gelingen im Handumdrehen gleichmäßige Hintergründe!
  • praktisch für das Malen im Freien/ Urban Sketching

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Combined with the water-soluble crayons by Pentel, the Aquash Brush conjures up great watercolor effects in no time at all
The Aquash Brush is the perfect tool for the trend themes brushlettering, bullet journaling and watercolor painting