Pentel Pocket Brush

Artikel-Nr.: GFKP

Pentel Pocket Brush – the artist brush for mangas, cartoons & Co.

Inspired by Japanese writing

The pigmented ink of the Pocket Brush Brush Pen is waterproof and lightfast after drying. This makes the Pocket Brush ideal for drawing contours. He is popular for scribbling, drawing comics / cartoons, manga, characters and much more. Its soft brush tip allows a wide spectrum of characters with variable line widths. By varying the pressure on the brush tip fine, filigree spreads and rich, broad smears can be produced. It is just the right instrument for those who are skilled in brushlettering and calligraphy and want to create individual and dynamic typefaces.

Creative Tips

  • Use the Pocket Brush on textured paper – the broken lines create liveliness!
  • If the ink has dried through, you can paint over the image with water colors or fiber pens without blurring the ink!

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Dream Team: Prepare contours with the Pocket Brush, colorize with the Color Brushes and veneer with the Water Tank Brush
The deep black, pigmented ink of the Pocket Brush is ideal for drawing contours, dark areas or shading
The Pocket Brush is the ideal tool for brushlettering. On watercolored backgrounds the pigmented ink does not blur!