Pentel Sign Pen

Artikel-Nr.: S520

The Pentel Sign Pen with fiber tip – A classic since 1963

The Pentel Sign Pen is characterized by its metal-covered acrylic tip which is particularly robust. The extremely rigid tip of the fibre tip pen ensures clean lines and the brilliant ink powerful strokes. Both graphic designers and prolific writers appreciate this.

The case of the Sign Pen is made of 83% recycled material. The Sign Pen from the Pentel Arts range is available in twelve individual colors and in a set of 4 (included colors: black, red, blue, green).

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Sketch, draw and colour with the Pentel Sign Pen on the road. The ideal tool for Urban Sketching!

The Pentel Sign Pen is the right tool for illustrators as well. Create comics and mangas with the 12 colours of the fibre tip pen in no time.

Popular with graphic designers and architects – perfect for paintings, sketches or creating designs and illustrations