Pentel Brush Sign Pen

Article-No.: SES15C

The Brush Sign Pen – Fiber pen and brush perfectly combined

Flexible Handlettering tip

Thanks to its flexible fiber tip variations from extra thin to broad are easily manageable depending on the applied pressure. The Brush Sign Pen is the ideal tool for filigree lines for sketching, drawing, illustrating as well as for handlettering and calligraphy. Additionally, it is easy to handle which makes it especially fitting for handlettering beginners. The Brush Sign Pen is part of the Pentel Arts product range and is made with water-soluble ink. Because the tip is metal covered, it is extremely strong. The beloved handlettering tool is now available in 12 more colours!


Creative Tips

  • By holding the tips of two Brush Sign Pens together, color gradients can be created (also possible with watercolour)!
  • Use the Brush Sign Pens in grey and light grey to put shadows behind your letterings, giving them more depth!

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  • The Brush Sign Pen in 24 colors is the ideal companion for the Bullet Journal – realise with just one pen letterings, illustrations and sketch notes
  • The perfect handlettering tool for beginners! But even advanced users have their fun – for colour gradients simply hold two tips together
  • The Brush Sign Pen is also ideal for illustrations. Because of the flexible tip dynamic art can be created easily

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